Mechanical Marine & Boiler Engineers Based in Durban South Africa

Boiler Repairs & Maintenance

3846625682_0dc7c51835_o (1)We provide Boiler repair, service and Boiler Maintenance

Marine and Industrial boilers.

Boiler Engineers offer a complete service with the removal

reconditioning and refitting of valves to all types of boilers.

1. Boiler re-tubes – tubing specialists

2. Major boiler repairs

3. Stoker overhauls

4. Chemical cleaning of boilers

5. High pressure boiler cleaning

6. Valve overhauls

7. Refractory

8. Coded welding

9. Non destructive testing

10. Hot and cold installation and cladding

11. Steam reticulation and pipework

12. Boiler combustion controls and burners

13. General engineering

14. Manufacture of chlorifiers and in-line heating

15. Manufacture of storage vessels and tanks

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On Board Repairs

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1. Valves

2. Installation and cladding

3. Preparation for class surveys

4. Pressure testing of vessels

5. Refractory

6. Voyage and offshore repairs

In our Workshop

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On Site

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August 13th, 2022