Mechanical Marine & Boiler Engineers Based in Durban South Africa

Boiler Hire & Sales

Our range of services include Boiler Sales and Boiler Installation to suit your application. Boiler Engineers specialise in boilers suited to marine application and industrial boilers. We provide a Boiler Hire service where required. Our full range of services include:

1. Boiler house maintenance
2. Relocation of boilers
3. Riveted boiler and pressure vessel specialists
4. Tank manufacture and installation
5. Inline heater manufacture and installation
6. Boiler attendant training courses
7. Pipe installation
8. Insulation and cladding

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 We offer the following training through Shukela or privately by arrangement for the following disciplines.

1. Management of all types of boilers
2. Types of fuels (gas, coal, oil, electrical)
3. Safety devices
4. Ancillary equipment
5. Steam piping systems
6 . Autoclaves
7. Super heaters
8. Condensers
9. Water treatment
10. Pressure vessels
11. Boiler inspections and tests

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August 13th, 2022